Soothing Body Wrap at a Folsom Spa Centers Melts All Your Stress Away

Some of the best body wraps make use of a number of familiar, everyday ingredients like honey, butter, and chocolate. Spas may employ different body wrap methods, but all have the express purpose of covering a person’s entire body with soothing ingredients, then heating up the skin with a thermal blanket laid underneath the massage table. Once the body begins to sweat, it is rinsed with water and lotion. Clients emerge with their skin noticeably smoother and senses soothed.

Skin often takes a hit as a result of everyday stress. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco discovered that chronic stress shortens the telomeres in the chromosomes, which hampers cell regeneration and, thus, leads to premature aging, poorer eyesight, weaker muscles, and the like. Beauty spas in Folsom, CA, can help correct this with soothing massage and detoxifying body wrap treatments.


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