Take a Look at Summer Hair Care Tips & Trends from Folsom Hair Salons

Is the sun really damaging your hair? The answer is yes. Sun damage is real and should be a concern for anyone wanting to keep their hair vibrant and healthy. As top Folsom hair salons will tell you, UV rays damage hair by opening the cuticle and allowing the sun to basically bleach the hair. An open cuticle depletes and evaporates the moisture deep in the core of the hair shaft. H-Line’s Elixir 11 is the best product to fight the damaging effects of summer. Not only does Elixir 11 act like a sunscreen for your hair, but it also protects your hair from chlorine and salt when taking a summer swim. When sprayed in before jumping into any water, Elixir 11 forms a protectant coat that chlorine and salt cannot penetrate.


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